Albany Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcyclists from all over the country are inspired to visit Oregon and ride. Whether it’s the coastline or the high desert, Oregon is just one of those states that has something for everyone. While statistics clearly show that motorcycle riders collectively as a group are cautious and defensive drivers, this is not always enough to prevent a dangerous collision with other vehicles on the roar. After all, cars and trucks are also on Oregon roads enjoying the scenery or going about their daily commute, and that means increased opportunity for collisions.  In fact, in 75% of all accidents between motorcycle and motor vehicles, the motor vehicle driver is found to be at fault. Some of the more common causes for motorcycle accidents are:

•       Poor weather conditions, poor visibility at night

•       Automobile drivers failure to yield to motorcyclists at highway exit and entrance ramps

•       Defective helmets, motorcycle equipment, or components

•       Poor road conditions; potholes, uneven pavement

•       Automobile drivers turning into a motorcyclist’s lane, violating his or her right-of-way

Even though a motorcycle rider is wearing a helmet, they have far less vehicle protecting them from injury and therefore a motorcycle rider is consistently going to sustain more severe injuries if involved in a collision with a car or truck. A motorcycle rider is at risk for traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), nerve damage, and potentially even amputation. The results of these accidents can be devastating, and yet the insurance company will use the social bias about “bikers” to settle a case for far less that it is worth. If you have been injured as the result of a motorcycle accident, contact our office today. The dedicated members of our legal team, some of whom are riders themselves, are well versed in the tactics that the insurance company uses making us the best advocate for you! Your case will get the full dedication of our team. We are committed to helping each of our clients put the pieces back together. We want you to focus on healing while we focus on securing the settlement that you deserve. Our work is done on a contingency basis and you will not be required to pay a fee until we resolve your case. Contact our office today. A member of our team will work to schedule a complimentary consultation and answer any question that you have.