Albany Dog Bite Injury Attorney

Most of us are aware of the special relationship that exists between humans and their four legged companions.  We love and treat our dogs as part of the family.  It is often difficult to think of these beloved pets as a danger to others.  But, sadly, they often are.  Individuals frequently think that particular breeds are naturally more vicious than others, but this is hardly the case and can leave you with a false sense of security. In fact, every breed of dog can attack or try and bite at any time.  When such an attack occurs, often, it is generally because of handler or owner neglect or misuse. Regrettably, more than 800,000 individuals each year are bitten by dogs; 86,000 of those are bitten seriously enough to need medical treatment from the hospital emergency room. Unfortunately, injuries from dog bites are greatest for children who are in the 5 to 9 year old age range, and the injuries they sustain are typically around their head, face, and neck. A dog bite can lead to lasting disfigurement.  In fact, over 27,000 men and women required reconstructive surgery in 2012 due to dog bites. Typical reasons that a dog might attack or bite:

The dog doesn’t feel safe

The dog thinks there is a threat and is protecting his/her owner

The dog is defending his/her territory

The dog is in the middle of eating and feels defensive of his/her food

The dog thinks there is a threat and feels cornered without another way out

At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, we’ve been representing Oregon attack victims for more than four decades, and have been effective in getting compensation for over 95% of all of our personal injury clients! In Oregon, it’s especially essential to retain the skills of a knowledgeable attorney if you or a family member have been attacked or bitten by a dog, because of the fact that the Oregon statutes that control dog bites can be complicated. All of our seasoned and proficient lawyers know the challenging nature of Oregon’s one-bite law, and can work to recuperate both financial and non-financial damages for your medical expenses, stress, pain, trauma and suffering. When you call Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, we will return your call the same day to arrange a complimentary meeting with one of our attorneys. Money should not cause you concern.  We will work for you on a contingency fee basis, in other words we will accept no payment unless a recovery is achieved. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve you can expect your rights to be protected, your interests to be vigorously pursued, and your injuries to be compensated!  There is a reason our motto is “let us fight for you” – because that is precisely what we will do.